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Michele Oliva (IT)

Michele Oliva (IT)

In 1998, he participates as dancer in the video clip “Look at me” by the pop-star Geri Halliwell.

In 1999, international promotion with Geri Halliwell (Events/TV Programs: Festival bar - Donna sotto le stelle - Domenica In - Quelli che il calcio - Stasera pago io - Torno sabato - Top of the pops UK - Hide park - CdUK and international events).

In 2000, participates into the video clips “Mi chico latino” and “Bag it up” by Geri Halliwell.

In 2001, international promotion and live concerts in various Eastern and Middle East Countries (Dubai - Singapore - Oman - Russia - Australia).

In 2001, international dance promotion with the pop-star Kylie Minogue.

In 2002, participates into the video clip “It’s raining man”, by Geri Halliwell.

In 2002, he works in the Italian TV Program “Stasera pago io” presented by Fiorello.

In 2002, national and international TV Promotion with the Italian artists, Paola and Chiara.

In 2003, participates into the Italian TV Program “Sognando Las Vegas” presented by Luisa Corna.

In 2003, participates at the summer live tour by the Italian singer Renato Zero.

In 2004, he works as assistant and dancer in the Italian TV Program “Amici di Maria de Filippi”.

At present, he works as dance teacher in Italy and he is currently having success also abroad: London, Paris, Madrid, Prague and Los Angeles.

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