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Bernard Estrabaut (FR)

Bernard Estrabaut (FR)

Bernard Estrabaut is a professor of Contemporary dance in v Centre des Arts Vivants in Paris. He is also a professor of physiologically anatomy, pedagogy and contemporary dance based on the state diploma in area of dance education on school CHOREIA (Diplôme d'Etat de professeur de danse à l'école de formation CHOREIA).


Bernard Estrabaut fell in passion with dance as 17 years old and from that time the fascination follows his dance and teaching career. He was a professional Jazz dancer and from 1990 he started to concetrate more on Contemporary. He worked with world known choreogrphers, between them are great names as Rick Odums, Bruce Taylor, Jean-François Duroure, Anne Dreyfus or François Raffinot, with whom he cooperated in Centre chorégraphique national du Havre in Normandy.


Bernard’s class is a combination of his different dance experiences: he combines musicality and energy of Modern Jazz dance and huge creative freedom, as well as deep study of movement, which characterize Contemporary. Correct Warm-up has the same importance as diagonals and variations working with movements in space. His aim is to pay the biggest attention to every single student, work with movements of his body and try to lead them to perfection.

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