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Fabio Fiorillo (IT)

Fabio Fiorillo (IT)

Fabio Fiorillo is a choreographer, dancer and designer based in London, UK. He was born in Italy where he started his career as a professional dancer being part of live performances, videos and tv shows.

Fabio trained in many different styles from hip hop to commercial and contemporary in Los Angeles and New York which helped him develop a really varied background. In Italy after graduating in Design and communication he met Erica Sobol, one of his biggest inspirations, which he had the chance to assist. He is a member of Untitled dance company by Lukas McFarlane. Performed in the show Exposed and other live performances in London (Royal Albert Hall) and Paris. He teaches a fusion of commercial hip hop and contemporary regularly at Studio68 in London. He has taught workshops internationally in Italy, UK, Ireland, France, Israel, Spain, Poland and Germany.

A fusion of commercial/hip hop and contemporary. It involves musicality and contemporary dynamics. The main focus of class is to let the body free to research his ways. Experimenting and feeling every single part of it while practicing on musicality and control.

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