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Stretch & Strength Classes for Dancers

Start your day off with a Stretch & Strength class led by Ivanka Krutská.

Active Isolated Stretching is a unique way of combining stretching and strength workouts. This method not only gives dancers aditional flexibility, but also strength, needed to bridge the gap between passive and active ranges. It can be very helpful to dancers, who have no problem doing splits on the floor (passive range), but do not have the active range they would like to achieve while dancing.

When we remain in a position for a long time, the blood circulation to our legs is cut off. That is why Active Isolated Stretching does not involve staying in a position for too long, thus avoiding the formation of any cramps or stiffness. Active stretching seeks to pump blood through the body rather than cut it off, because warmed up muscles are the equivalent of powerful muscles.

The sequences are very easy to learn, allowing dancers to repeat them as part of their personal training, increasing their effectiveness. Because leg range is often limited by back range, Active Isolated Stretching aalso focuses on compensation exercises for the back. In short, these classes are an active warm up and stretch for isolated muscles and a compensation for the strain that an entire day of dancing creates. So, you can look forward to a session that will prepare your body for performace and will prevent it from becoming strained.

What do you need for Active Isolated Stretching? Only a rope and early registration. Your rope should be about 1-2 cm thick, length depends on your height - if you step in the middle of your rope and hold both ends, your hands should reach roughly up to your waist. There will be a limited number of ropes available on the spot.

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